Environmental Health and Food Safety

There is a wealth of regulation in this particular area. Officers from the Environment Agency or Food Safety Authority may well require an individual or Company Director to attend for an interview if they suspect that regulations have been breached.

We have represented both Individuals and Directors and our involvement at an early stage of the process ensures that those standing accused will be forewarned as to the nature of the allegations against them and what evidence there is to substantiate a breach.

Matters can be resolved at this stage without the need for further action.

Health and Safety

We can provide expert assistance to those accused of breaching health and safety regulations or contravening the relevant legislation.

This is not an area of law to be taken lightly as the effects of any breach can be financially or personally catastrophic.

We will deal with the police on behalf of our clients and provide advice and assistance during interviews under caution.

Taxi and shotgun licensing

Those seeking a licence either to drive a taxi or to possess a shotgun will need to demonstrate that they are a fit and proper person to be able to do so.  This sounds very straightforward but what if the person has had minor involvement with the police many years ago for something they consider irrelevant?

It may be necessary for considered legal submissions to be made in support of such an application, which we will be happy to make on your behalf.


Being summoned to attend an Inquest can be a daunting process.  The rules, and the purpose, of the inquest are wholly different to criminal and civil proceedings.

We are able to provide initial advice and assistance on the procedure in the Coroner’s Court and from there apply for ‘Interested Party’ status on behalf of our clients.

At this stage, we will then be able to request service of all relevant evidence to be called during the Inquest and liaise with HM Coroner directly concerning management of the Inquest.

Finally, we will attend the Inquest to represent our client, question witnesses and advise on whether or not our client should be answering certain questions during the hearing.

It may be that you have Legal Expenses Insurance in place which would cover all of our expenses.  We can liaise with your insurer to establish whether this is the case at the outset.